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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Your Sports Kid's Bedroom Clean

We all want our children to have high standards for their personal life, and for their public life. A clean, organized bedroom is one way to help children set and keep their standards high. In addition to raising the bar, a clean room will help children sleep better, it will increase their productivity, and it will reduce their stress by bringing order to the chaos of their life. And it will save you as their parents, hours of cleaning time. 

We asked the question: what are some ways to keep a child’s bedroom clean? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways to keep your kid's bedroom clean so their sports equipment will be neat and organized.

A dedicated laundry hamper for their sports uniform

Sports Hamper

Uniforms need to be treated with a little extra care. A sports-themed laundry hamper will help remind children that their sports uniform often requires special care to get the grass stains and the sweaty smell out of their clothes. That way, after a game, your child can put their uniform into its own laundry hamper and they won’t have to worry about it getting mixed up with other clothes.

A shoe organizer for their cleats

Shoe organizer for sports cleats

Cleats can get real dirty. A dedicated shoe organizer that will catch the dirt from the cleats. This will help keep other parts of the bedroom clean and separated from their cleats and the dirt that comes from them. Additionally, kids will always know where to find their special sports shoes because it has its own special place in the bedroom.

A Custom Medal Display Hanger

When a kid medals in their sport, it is a big deal. The biggest problem is that medals can get lost because they are crumpled up inside your kid's drawers or their closet. It almost seems like they grew legs and walked away. It doesn’t have to be that way. We make custom medal hangers that will help your kids keep their medals on the wall where they will look neat, clean, and organized. It’s so simple to get one. Learn more about medal hangers here:

A place for their at-home sports equipment

An organizer for sports equipment for kids

Sporting goods can get messy. When they’re not rolling into the middle of the bedroom floor, they’re constantly getting lost. That’s why a sports equipment rack is an important tool in the fight against the lost, damaged, and sloppy equipment. This will help your kid find the sporting goods they need when they need them, and it won’t take a ton of their time to find them.

A display case for trophies

Display For Sports Trophies

Getting a trophy is exciting. Why not commemorate the reward with a special display case. A display case will keep trophies organized, looking neat, and they will be protected from dust, clumsy steps, and people who want to pick them up and play with them.



What are some ways you use to keep your child’s bedroom clean? Put your ideas in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

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