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5 Reasons Your Child Should Not Quit Sports

Sometimes it may make sense for your child to quit a sport, but most times it doesn't. Sports can be hard. If your child is feeling stressed to perform, if they feel like they’re not good enough, or if they lost interest in their sport, they may be thinking about giving up, but we don’t like quitting. Your child made a commitment and part of growing up is honoring commitments. The sooner a child can learn that valuable lesson, the better person they will be when they come out of it on the other side. Does your child still need to be convinced? Here are 5 reasons why your child shouldn’t leave the sport.

1. It’s a big loss for them

Being part of a team is a valuable experience. When your child quits their sport they lose more than just the position they play. By not playing sports anymore they will also lose time playing with their friends, the opportunity to make new friends who also participate in sports, the learning experience they get from playing sports, they lose access to the field, the behind the scenes fun, and the shared victories.

2. It’s not all about them

The pressure to perform might be a barrier but being part of something bigger than themselves is a huge part of sports. No person is an island and it takes knowing, and being around your tribe, a tribe that they can be part of by playing sports that can help them through the rough times in life. If they quit they might have to feel the void, the crushing feeling that’s left after it’s over and they’re no longer part of the team, they will be out there all alone.

3. They get to finish something

It’s an important value for kids to finish what they started. Explain to them that they’re making progress in something, so they can add it to their list of completed activities. There’s going to be many projects, many activities, and sports is something else that they should finish because they decided to get started.

4. They made a commitment

Kids need to learn to honor their commitments. Explain that they can’t quit now after going so far after they already committed. This is important to their development as a person, as a student, and as a professional in their future life.

5. Offer them a medal hanger

A personalized medal hanger is a way for them to display their victory:

  • Getting them a medal hanger will help them hang in there and keep fighting for another victory. 
  • Getting them a medal hanger will remind them that hard work leads to real accomplishments. 
  • Getting your child a custom medal hanger with their name and their sport will shape their identity as a sports player, which would make it a lot harder for them to quit sports.

When you show them the medal hanger you bought for them they know that they now have a place to store all of their medals.

If you don’t have one yet, visit us here to get your child their very own custom medal hanger today.


Thank you for reading this blog post. Do you have a story of helping your child continue in sports when they wanted to quit? Tell your story in the comments below.


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