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The Top 6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Medal Hanger

A medal holder is an important piece that every child playing sports needs to own. Maybe you need to be convinced about why they need to have a dedicated medal hanger. Here are the top 6 reasons why your child needs a medal hanger.

1. Organization

A medal hanger keeps your child’s medals organized. They can hang them according to year, according to color, or according to the type of medal such as gold, silver, or bronze. No more cluttered medals laying around their room, each medal has a special place. 

2. Space-saving

If their medals are taking up all the space on their dresser, in one of their drawers, or in another spot where they’ve become a nuisance, our medal hangers are a great place for them to nearly place their medals. The medal hanger will save them space while keeping all of their medals in one place.

3. Point of interest in the room (conversation piece)

When your child has visitors, the medal hanger is a spot where they can point to and expand on their time playing their favorite sport. This is a great way for your child to talk about their accomplishments, the hard work they put in, and the great fun they had doing the sport they love. It’s also something their guests can ask them about when they come to visit. Our beautiful medal hangers will instantly draw focus and attention to whoever walks through their doors. 

4. Daily Motivation

Our Medal Hangers act as a daily reminder, that hard work leads to real results, that your child can accomplish and goal that they set, one day at a time. As soon as your child wakes up, they will instantly be reminded of this. 

5. Treasured memories for your child to share

Every medal has a story. There’s a goal, the work it took to achieve the goal, and all the things that tried to stop them from winning. The medal hanger will help your child keep those memories safe for themselves and for their future generations.

6. Remind Them That You're Proud of Them

A lot of parents assume that their children know that they're proud of them. Don't leave that up to chance. Telling your child that you're proud of them can have a huge impact on their confidence and how they feel about themselves. Giving them a personalized medal display hanger with their name on it is a sure-fire way to show your appreciation for their hard work and achievements. 

And those are the top 6 reasons your child needs to have a personalized Medal Display Hanger. Hopefully, you're convinced by now. If you are interested in ordering one, here's a link.  

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