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You’re Doing it Wrong! Here’s the Right Way to Display Sports Medals

Your child wins medals. The medal is an end result of many hours of hard work, focused attention, and excellent execution during competition. They have the prize in their hands now, what will they do with it? There is a right way and there is a wrong way to display sports medals. Here, we’ve listed seven wrong ways to display a sports medal. As a bonus we include the best way to display and store your child’s collection of sports medals.

Thumb tacking medals to the wall

Piercing your child’s ribbon to the wall makes a hole in the ribbon. On top of that, the quality of the display is inferior. The medal hanger doesn’t make any holes in the medal plus it's a stylish and attractive way to display the medals. 

Throwing medals in the closet

If you find that medals are stacking up in the closet, the medal hanger is a perfect way to solve that problem. Medals can be buried under clothes, hanging out of shoes, or falling over the side of a closet shelf. That simply won’t do. Instead, get a medal hanger from us in our store and proudly display your child’s medals on the wall. 

Putting medals in a desk drawer

Medals in a desk drawer can steal space from other more important things that belong in the drawer. A great way to clear that space is to use one of our medal hangers. The medal hanger will clear that drawer quickly and make space for the things that belong in a desk drawer. 

Leaving them on a bookshelf

Bookshelves weren’t made to hold or to display medals. The medal hanger will help your child feel good about putting their medals away in their proper place. 

Putting them on top of a dresser

Have you seen medals hanging from a dresser? It looks messy. It dishonors the medal. On top of that you can’t see each individual medal when it hangs from a dresser. A great alternative is the medal hanger. It will keep each medal straight, displayed individually, and easy for anyone to see it.

Putting them on the back of a chair

Have you ever found one of your child’s medals slung over a chair? Chairs are another wrong way for them to hang their medals. In fact, hanging medals on chairs is a surefire way for medals to be lost, damaged, or stolen from your child.

Hanging them from other objects in the bedroom

Your kid probably found all kinds of alternative ways to hang their medals but none of them is the proper way to display a medal. Maybe they hung their medals from a lamp. You might find one on a trophy. You may even find one hanging on a clothes hanger in their closet. 

Here’s the right way to display your kid’s sports medals 

Use our custom medal display hanger. The medal hanger is customized to display your child’s sport, their name, and there are rods for them to hang their medals. The medal hanger is the best way for your child to display their medals the right way. 

Want to learn more? Visit our store to get your vey own personalized medal display hanger, and hang your medals the right way!

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